2 GR coffee machine electronically dosed, with Quick Mill exclusive brew system. This allows to reach the coffee temperature in a very short time, 45 – 50 seconds. The Quick Mill system has some advantages: as it works dry, the lime deposit is avoided and at each shot is used  fresh water.

  • Two indipendent  thermoblocks, one for each group. Power 600 watt, each with own pump
  • 1 boiler, capacity 1,6 lts., for hot water and steam, with automatic recharge, with own pump
  • All the three pumps have a pulsor (Quick Mill patent)
  • Two indipendent groups with electronic control of the temperature
  • Machine is provided with all safety equipments
  • 5 lts. water tank
  • At request, direct water connection
  • Gauge for the boiler pressure
  • Hot water wand
  • Steam wand
  • Large cup warmer
  • Boiler heater 1400 watt
  • Groups and boiler indipendent
  • Water drain in the drip tray
  • The groups can work with coffee beans, pods or capsules, just changing the filter holder.
  • Body in stainless steel