The hybrid “qm 75” machine, has a modern and attractive design.  It was developed after  3 years of studies and researches. Thanks to the continue development and desire to innovate of  “quick mill”  was born the first hybrid machine “patented” for the new system of coffee extraction.it connects the two  best systems of extraction in the world:  “lever” and “e-61 group”, two concepts apparently different and distant , let them  working individually or in a combinate way , exalting the advantages and reducing the defects and the limits that , these two extractions may have thanks to this system, the hybrid “qm 75” is suitable for every type of barista , from the beginner to the expert the end costumer will feel an all-round experience but in the meantime simple and delightful with this new hybrid model , “quick mill” wanted to celebrate the two most important brew groups in the world , to forge them in the future. Descriptions :  hybrid machine “qm 75” multiboiler new design indipendent coffee groups water and steam indipendent boilers lever system multifunction 8 lt. steam and water boiler 0,75 lt. coffee boiler the machine has the function “ eco “ for safety energy inside the machine there are the most important and sophisticated technologic innovations traditional “lever” delivery traditional “ e-61 group” delivery “lever” and “e-61 group” combined delivery thermal stability on display you can see in real time the extraction profiles adjustable pre-brew.